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My Family Loves the Maine Freighter So Much!

R. Wishart

"Eric at Taylor's Two Rivers Canoe did a wonderful job keeping me up-to-date with the order and adding the seats.  With a few other customizations of my own, this thing is amazing!  Low water, big water, fishing, and fun, this canoe does it all!  And the best part has been sharing my favorite times on the water with my young family.  I used to run an XL Tripper with a motor, but it wasn't stable enough to trust with my kids in big water.  This canoe is so stable that I don't worry about it at all and have lots of room for the whole crew."

Dock - 1_edited.jpg

Docks are Now Available!!!

Looking for the perfect home for your canoe during the summer?  We have just the place!  With competitive pricing, docks are available today in 12' sections!  Made with cedar, they are made to last.  And to make it even more enticing, these docks are made right here in Maine!

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